Who we are

Duke Marketing is a young, innovative, wholly independent importer, exporter and distribution company within the FMCG sector at a global level. With in excess of 40 years combined experience within the FMCG (retail and wholesale) sector, we have established a global sales and distribution network stretching from the UK & Ireland to Malaysia, China, the Middle East and more with offices in London, Dublin and Italy.

We strive in our commitment to our clients to offer a meticulously planned strategy to connect their products with consumers.


Built on over 40 years of experience, not all value can be measured in physical form, it's the intangible sense of what a product evokes in the moment of the experience. It is this vision of what experiences great products can provide our customers, that defines our journey.


Each journey begins with 1 step, the art of doing, of working and of collaborating. We strive to make things happen as a united team, one purpose, one path, one goal, connecting consumers with the finest and most exceptional food and drink from around the world.


Our Policy is to work to the best of our ability at all times, to be fair, just, kind, considerate of others and to respect the world in which we live in leaving it better than we inherited it.